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ecoGrounds is a conscious and sustainable alternative to a traditional coffeehouse experience. All coffees are certified sustainable, and often include more than one certification. All café sites and merchandisers are constructed using recycled and renewable materials whenever possible. Our ecoGrounds graphics and marketing materials focus on educating consumers about sustainable coffee and why their purchases make a difference.

Brew Merchandisers

ecoGrounds brew merchandisers can bring a sustainable coffee experience to any location, regardless of size. There are four models available for sites serving between 475-1,200 cups of coffee weekly.

Modular Café

ecoGrounds modular cafés are constructed using sustainable materials and have been designed with profitability and ease of operations in mind. There are three sizes of cafés available, depending on your desired menu mix, budget, space requirements, and sales targets.

Custom Build-Out Café

ecoGrounds custom build-out cafés are constructed through consideration of your current space and layout, using sustainable materials whenever possible. They are designed to minimize construction costs and keep operations moving.

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