5 Questions With an ecoGrounds Roaster: Tyler Fioresi

  1. There are a few byproducts of coffee roasting that ecoGrounds repurposes, tell us how:
    The two notable byproducts are probably the burlap bags that the coffee is delivered to our roasting facility in and the chaff (a papery outer skin of the coffee bean) that comes off during the roasting process. Instead of throwing these items away we have found ways to sustainably dispose of them while supporting our community. We donate the burlap bags to the Sacramento Zoo that are used as bed for the animals and the chaff is donated to local dairy farms where it is used as animal feed.
  2. What is your favorite ecoGrounds coffee that you have roasted recently? 
    Probably our newest featured coffee the Honduras Las Capucas. It is a well-balanced and nutty coffee with a smooth body and sweet aroma.
  3. One thing about the ecoGrounds roasting process most people might not know?
    After the coffee is done roasting we cool the beans by air cooling them instead of cooling them by water quenching, like a lot of other companies do. Air cooling preserves the quality and taste profile of the coffee, while water quenching promotes staling.
  4. ecoGrounds prides itself on being consciously great, what does that mean to you as a roaster?
    As a roaster it is a great feeling to know the coffee we are supplying to our customers is not only hand roasted to perfection but also high quality. It makes me proud to work for a company that doesn’t compromise on the sustainability or quality of the coffees we roast so our customers can have the same great feeling when enjoying ecoGrounds.
  5. ecoGrounds roast level is not the same for every coffee, why is that?
    We have a wide range of roast levels in all of our ecoGrounds coffees. The reason why is because each of the coffees we carry taste better at different roasting levels. The lighter roasts help coax out delicate flavors while a darker roast help develop heavier, bittersweet chocolate flavors. We spend a lot of time focusing on flavor profiles in the roasting process because we care that our ecoGrounds customers are getting the highest quality and best tasting coffee as possible.