Our Community – Rain Barrel Project

“Consciously Great” is not just a slogan at ecoGrounds, it is a commitment we work hard to reflect in every aspect of producing coffee. Everyday activities like donating our burlap coffee bags for animal bedding, sourcing renewable materials to build cafes, and recycling cardboard/paper at our offices and roasting plant are just the beginning of our commitment.

Through programs like Fair Trade and Direct Trade, we have funded a number of social and environmental projects at coffee origin supporting the coffee farming communities we work with. We believe investing in our community at home is just as important as supporting our partnering coffee communities.

For the past three years the state of California has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in the past century. We partnered with the City of Sacramento to host a community event in Sacramento, CA (home of our roasting headquarters) to remind our community of this important issue by promoting water conservation through the use of rain barrels.

Rain barrels can be installed outside as a way to capture and store rain water for use during dry months, instead of turning on the hose. Our team of volunteers was tasked with transforming ten ordinary rain barrels into water conservation works of art. Out on our warehouse floor we watched them put their creativity and artistic talent to work with the help of paint and stencils. These barrels were later presented to the Fremont Community Garden in Sacramento to store water for use throughout the year. Residents that attended the presentation event learned more about the drought, importance of water conservation and how to properly install rain barrels at their own homes as a sustainable source of water.

rain barrels 2  rain barrels 1

Our volunteer team had a great time getting involved in such a consciously great cause and giving back to our local community. Considering we are coffee people, we think our artistic abilities are pretty impressive!